Why do I book and pay through SitByCare?

Booking and paying through SitByCare is not only a requirement in our Terms of Service—it also protects you and your Health Sitter. Here’s how:

  • Safe and secure payments. Our payment platform is designed to protect credit card information through standard encryption measures, and your personal information is never shared with your Health Sitter. Paying through SitByCare is cashless, convenient, and keeps your personal details safe and secure. Paying outside of SitByCare’s system can put you at risk for fraud.
  • Simple and effective messaging. When you communicate through your SitByCare account, you have the peace of mind of our built-in security features. Plus, it’s easy to use—you can book, work out details, and pay securely all through your SitByCare account.
  • The SitByCare Guarantee. When you book and pay through SitByCare, you’re covered by the SitByCare Guarantee—that’s peace of mind for Health Sitters and patients alike. Check out our SitByCare Guarantee page to learn more about what’s covered.

SitByCare exists to make your life a little easier, and that includes offering a secure, convenient, and cashless way to pay for care. For more on how payments work, check out the Payments section of the Help Center.