How much does it cost to book a Health Sitter?

Health Sitters manage their own rates on SitByCare, and the total cost of a booking will vary depending on the sitter’s rates and your own booking needs.

Depending on your booking needs, Health Sitters may charge additional rates which will be added to the cost of the booking.

To learn more about each of these additional rates, click on an individual rate from the list below.

Viewing additional rates

Since additional rates can change the total price of a service, it’s a good idea to review your Health Sitter’s rates before you book. To view standard rates and additional rates:

  1. Navigate to the Health Sitter’s profile from your inbox. Under their profile photo, you’ll see a breakdown of standard rates for each service.

  2. Below the list of services, select the Additional Services & Rates icon to see a detailed list of their rates.

Note: Additional rates may vary for each service.  Make sure you review additional rates for each service a Health Sitter offers.

Holiday rates

Holidays are a busy time for Health Sitters. For this reason, sitter rates may be slightly higher during some in-demand times of the year.

Note: If part of your booking dates overlap with a holiday, the sitter’s holiday rate will still apply to the entire booking—even if some of the dates within the booking are slightly outside of the holiday ranges listed above.

Extended booking

Sitters may apply this rate if you need to extend outside of the confirmed booking timeframe. 

How do I contact a Health Sitter?

When will I be charged for a service?