What services do Health Sitters offer?

Health Sitters on SitByCare do it all. Sitters have the option to select the services they would like to offer. A sitter can also choose to offer all the services.Different services offered by our amazing companion sitters are:

  • Week Day Services: This service is provided Monday – Friday starting 6 am to 10 pm. Weekday rates per hour will be the same for a sitter throughout these days and timings. Week day rates start at $15 /hr.
  • Weekend Services: This service is provided by sitters who are available during weekends Saturday & Sunday 6 am to 10 pm. Sitters can have a different rate for weekend compared to their weekday rates.
  • Overnight Services: This service is meant to offer sitting to patients looking for an overnight service, seven days a week from 10 pm to 6 am. An overnight service rate per hour can be different from weekday & weekend rates.
  • On Call/Immediate Availability: This service is provided for patients looking to book a sitter for the same day. On Call rates are generally higher as sitters prioritize their time for patients & clients and are immediately available.
  • Holiday Services: This service is provided for patients when they need someone around then the most – holiday time! Sitters make sure no one is lonely when the holiday cheer is around. Patients can view sitter availability during holidays on their search profile cards and book them early. Holiday rates of a sitter may be higher than their average weekday rates.