What is confirmed availability and how does it work?

Keeping your calendar up to date is an important part of managing your business on SitByCare. With the Confirm Availability feature, you can reassure clients that your calendar is accurate so that they’re more confident booking with you!

Green date circles on your calendar indicate dates you’re available.

Selecting Confirm Availability is your way of telling SitByCare and clients that you’ve reviewed your calendar and verified it’s accurate. When a client searches for a sitter for a specific set of dates, if you’ve confirmed your availability, your profile will be highlighted within desktop search results with a “Confirmed availability” banner.
Confirming your availability will not only help you stand out within search, but also helps you get requests you’re more likely be able to accept, which means you’ll spend less time sorting through requests you can’t accommodate.

You can edit your availability from your SitByCare Calendar. Remember, green circles show that you’re available.

How do I mark myself as unavailable?

Select the date you’re currently showing as available that you need to change to unavailable. You’ll see the date box change from green to grey.

Now, all services for that date will be marked as unavailable.

Additional information

  • We recommend confirming your availability regularly to reassure clients your calendar is accurate. You’ll still show in search results even if you don’t confirm availability. You won’t appear in search results for days that you’ve marked as unavailable.