What if a Health Sitter isn’t the right fit?

Always go with your gut. Whether you’re just getting the conversation started or you’ve already had a booking, you’re the best person to decide who the right Health Sitter for your spouse/loved one/friend.

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How to Cancel a Booking

Did you schedule a booking and now need to cancel? No problem.

1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the envelope icon.

2. Select the Upcoming Bookings tab and then select the request you want to cancel.

3. Once the request is open, locate the gray box that lists your service details. Select Modify or Cancel.

4. Select Cancel.

5. A pop-up form will ask you to give some details about why you’re canceling. This message goes directly to SitByCare Support and will not go to your Health Sitter. Select Submit Request.

6. Select Yes, I want to cancel.

Your cancellation will then be processed by our support team. Learn more about this topic in the Payments section.