Why booking through the SitByCare platform is important?

SitByCare makes sure that we work in the best interest & safety of both parties. Our vetted sitters bring the trust & peace of mind needed for families to sit with their loved ones. Some situations to avoid –

  • Someone suggests you pay in-person rather than through the site. Safety and security are paramount, and booking and paying through SitByCare is the only way to ensure your account is in line with our policy and that your booking is covered by the safety guidelines and 24/7 emergency support.
  • Someone asks you to provide personal information. You should never feel pressured to share your full name, email or mailing address, phone number, or any other personal information before a stay is booked.
  • Someone uses inappropriate language.All chats are secure and monitored through the platform for the safety of both our users.This helps us to take appropriate action if a situation arises.
  • Someone tries to recruit you for a private business. Only services booked through SitByCare qualify for the 24/7 emergency support, cancellation compensation and secure booking & payment.