How do I view and manage requests from my SitByCare account?

You can view all of your conversations with sitters from the Inbox section of your SitByCare account. The location of your messages will vary depending on the status of the booking. Messages are organized into four different categories:

  • Pending: These are unbooked requests that haven’t been confirmed by the Health Sitter yet.
  • Upcoming: This will show all of your confirmed, upcoming bookings that you’ve paid for.
  • Past: This is a history of all of your previous bookings with Health Sitters.
  • Archived: This shows a list of bookings that you or the Health Sitter cancelled.

To view these inbox categories from the SitByCare app, tap Inbox. At the top, tap Pending or Upcoming to see your requests and upcoming bookings.

To view your previous requests and bookings, tap the folder icon at the top of the app. From here, you can view past bookings and unfulfilled and cancelled requests in the Past/Archived sections.

Additional information about pending requests

Pending requests are unbooked requests that haven’t been confirmed by the Health Sitter yet. 

  • At this time, it isn’t possible to cancel or archive pending requests from your account. If the Health Sitter hasn’t confirmed the request yet and your plans changed, please contact them directly via SitByCare Messages and they can cancel the request.

  • Any request that isn’t booked will expire within 72 hours. Expired requests will move to the Archived section of your inbox.

Need to cancel an upcoming booked stay? Visit this article for steps on how to cancel.