How do I improve my position in search results?

We work hard to make sure clients are able to find Health Sitters suited for their needs. Here are a few things you can do to help you show up at the top:

  • Book as many requests as you can. Do your best to accept most booking requests that you get, especially early on.
  • Keep your calendar updated. Leaving town? No problem! Just make sure to update your calendar. 
  • Keep your preferences updated. Help increase the likelihood that a request you receive will match your preferences by ensuring your preferences are up to date.  
  • Create a great profile. Get testimonials and reviews from clients you’ve worked with, set a competitive price, and describe yourself accurately.
  • Respond quickly and with enthusiasm. Ideally, you would respond to all requests within minutes, even if you can’t accept them. If you don’t respond to multiple booking requests for the same dates, we’ll assume you’re not available for those dates and will stop featuring you in search. To keep receiving requests, be sure to archive your conversations.
  • Deliver great service and earn loyal clients. If repeat clients are coming back to you again and again, that tells us you’re doing a great job.
  • If a client offers to book or pay you outside of SitByCare, just say, “No thanks.” Explain to the client the benefits of booking through SitByCare.