How do I contact a Health Sitter?

There are a couple of different ways to contact a Health Sitter depending on the status of your booking. Check out the instructions below!

SitByCare app

SitByCare app

1. Tap Inbox at the bottom of the app. 

2. If you sent a request to your Health Sitter but it hasn’t been confirmed, tap Pending at the top. If you already confirmed the booking, then tap the Upcoming tab next to it.

3. Select the individual you’d like to contact from the list of bookings in your inbox.

4. You’ll be directed to a conversation thread where you can send your Health Sitter a message. 

4. You also have the option to call the client by selecting the three-dotted icon at the top of the conversation thread.


If you’re contacting a Health Sitter for the first time during your booking search, simply visit the Health Sitter’s profile and select the Contact button.

To contact a Health Sitter from SitByCare Messages, follow the directions below:

1. Navigate to your SitByCare inbox.

2. Select from either the Pending, Upcoming, Past, or Archived section of your inbox.

3. Locate the Health Sitter you want to contact by selecting their name. This will redirect you to a conversation thread.