How do I contact a client?

Open communication is the key to any great relationship. You can contact a client at any time via SitByCare Messages. You can also call the client if you booked their request.

Send a message

SitByCare app

To send a message to your client from the app:

  1. Tap Inbox at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Locate a client based on their booking status:
    • Tap Pending to view clients with booking requests that haven’t been finalized.
    • Tap Upcoming to view clients with an upcoming booking in progress.
    • Tap the folder icon at the top left of your screen to contact a client from a past stay.

  3. Once you select your client’s name, you’ll see a conversation thread. Write a message to ask questions,or communicate any other issues. Tap Send.


  1. Select Inbox at the top of the page.

  2. Locate the client by selecting Pending Bookings, Upcoming Bookings, Past Bookings, or Archived Bookings tab.

  3. Select the client you want to contact. You’ll be redirected to a conversation thread where you can send them a message.