How can I tell if my client’s service has been booked?

A service is considered booked once the client has submitted payment for the booking and you’ve accepted the booking request. Not sure if your service has been booked yet? Here are two ways to tell:

  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • You will find it in your SitByCare Inbox.

Once your service has been booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email with subject line, “Confirmed: Client’s name upcoming booking on service’s start date.” Here’s a peek at one of those emails:

Any service listed in the Upcoming Stays or Past Stays section of your SitByCare inbox, indicates that the current/upcoming or past service has been booked. Follow these steps to get to your Upcoming/Past Bookings folder:

1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the envelope icon. 

2. Select Upcoming Bookings or Past Bookings.

If you’re not seeing the booking, check the Pending Request and Archived Requests section of your inbox. If the request is pending or archived, that indicates that the service has not been booked yet–this means that the client still needs to submit payment for the request and/or you still need to accept the booking request.